About Ceangal Connections

Hello and thanks for visiting! I’m a corporate desk jockey by day, online blog writer by night, and love sharing all the tips I’ve learned along the way. My wife, younger daughter, one cat, three dogs and I all fit into one home northwest of Philadelphia, PA.

Surprising personal note ;-) is that I am a bit of a foodie. Yep, I love espresso, biscotti, sushi, tapas, “fusion” menus, along with other culinary incongruities. With or without espresso, I’m thankful to God that I have this chance to share great career info & vids with you-all!

Truth be told, I have to confess that the “connections” concept came to me after looking at a lot of other websites and realizing there was a gap. I believe you’ll find our approach very helpful and useful, IMHO.

We’re currently building out the resume / CV part of the site, and will move forward to the cover letters soon after that. Much more to come! =-)

Contact us if we’re missing the mark, and not serving up what you need.

Really looking forward to reading your message, and I’ll do my best to circle back to you within a day or two!