About Ceangal Connections

Hi 2 there! 2 I’m a corporate desk jockey by day, online marketer by night, and love sharing all the tips I’ve learned along the way. My wife, younger daughter, one cat, three dogs and I all seem to fit into just one home northwest of Philadelphia, PA.

Perhaps surprising, but you’ll see that I am a bit of a foodie (I love espresso, biscotti, sushi, tapas, “fusion” menus, along with other incongruities), and thankful to God that I have this chance to share great info & vids with you-all!

The “connections” concept came along after looking at a lot of other websites and realizing there was a gap. I believe you’ll find our approach very helpful and useful, IMHO.

We’re currently building out the resume / CV part of the site, and will move forward to the cover letters soon after that. Much more to come! =-)

Contact us if we’re missing the mark, and not serving up what you need.

Looking forward to your message!